That awkward / awesome (?) moment when the game enters the TV

You are a tremendous fanboy / girl of a video-game. A fan so H-U-G-E that you will buy anything that comes out with the name of this game. But then, a wild announcement appears: “they” are shooting a movie about this game…

At first you think (foolishly trying to believe on this lie): “Nah, this series is so awesome… there is no way someone could spoil it“. Yeah, right…

From my “brief” life experience, I found myself lucky enough to stumble upon on a few paradigms and one of these wise proverbs is:


In case you are wondering, Chuck Norris didn’t say that (as far as I know…) but once you think about it, the axiom above is quite interesting. For me, it is very difficult to hate a movie or a game because I am very passionate about my hobbies and I do not often use a critic view about something that entertained me for a few or some hours.

As a matter of fact, this discussion can be broadly expanded when you start to wonder about adaptations and pieces of entertainment that shifted from one medium to another: book to movies, movies to games, games to graphic novels, comics to movies, games to books, and so on. There are over nine thousand (?!) combinations possible and ramifications of this discussion.

But I digress…

My favorite games are the ones that made possible to feel completely immersed on the universe of the game, sucked in the experience of playing, made me care about the characters, their stories and conflicts so much that I wanted to help them overcome their difficulties and achieve their goals.

And the experience of this immersion is only possible with more than just two hours. Yes, time is essential in this discussion!

Nowadays, an average movie lasts about two hours. A book can be read in about ten to fifteen hours. But a game, specially my favorite genre, the RPGs take at least 30 hours to be completed…

The amount of time spent with the characters that are now customized to my experience on this game, making them and my experience of this game unique. By doing it so, this journey made me care for this game, this time well spent enjoying this experience…

In a nut shell, this is why gamers can be so emphatic about an announcement is made of a movie about a game…

HOWEVER, as the Halley’s Comet, there are some events that also happen from 75 to 75 years when a story from  a game is so successfully presented on another media that it adds to the universe of a world and it helps to expand it resulting on a awesome experience by those who played this game or just are very into the story and universe where this story takes place.

I present three examples below, all of them made possible by Machinima that either made more awesome my experience on the game (Dragon Age II and Alan Wake) or got me super hyped about a new title that I was a fan when a kid (Mortal Kombat). Hope you enjoy them as much as I did.

Dragon Age: Redemption Tallis (Episode 1 of 6) ft @FeliciaDay

Alan Wake: Bright Falls (Episode 1 of 6)

Mortal Kombat: Legacy (Episode 1 of 9) 

What about you ?!

Do you have a favorite movie about a game or game about a movie?! To be quite honest, I stopped playing these kind of games because of the paradigm already presented. But I would really like to know it there are titles out there that are at least trying to challenge this …


Extra Punctuation | Why Movie Adaptations of Game Sucks

How infamous video game movie directors can crap over more video games (blog where I found the image for this post and an awesome post about game adaptation)

Wikipedia | Lists of filmes based on video games (see and cry by the sh*tness…)


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