Indie Game: The Movie

How does someone extract an idea for a video-game from their mind and make it into a game that other people will play ? What is that whole process like ?!

If you ever thought about becoming a independent video game developer, you might have asked yourself the question above. Maybe you wondered how did games got made in the good old days when there was not such a thing as a design team, just a dude on his garage “playing” with circuit boards…

It is a fact that the gaming industry is living one, if not the best time ever of its existence ! This can be seen on several reports, such as ESRB | Video Game Industry Statistics, where it says that in 2.009 the computer and video game industry sold 273 million units worldwide leading to an astounding $ 10.5 billion revenue.

That being said, it is only natural that some professionals who have the skills and passion for developing games make a choice, if not THE choice to start the arduous process to build a game from scratch. If you, at least once in your life, transformed an idea into something, be it text, a podcast, a website, a song, or even a game, you know how complicated, stressful and consuming a creative process can become.

So, what would a documentary that captures this feeling would be like? This movie / piece of awesomeness/ documentary  will show us the journey of four developers and three games: Fez, Super Meat Boy and Braid.

“With the twenty-first century comes a new breed of struggling independent artist: the indie game designer. Refusing to toil for major developers, these innovators independently conceive, design, and program their distinctly personal games in the hope that they, too, may find success.”

By the way, due to it’s success, Indie Game: The Movie will have a HBO series produced by Scott Rudin.



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