Journey of a Nord – Chapter One

Disclaimer: this story contains A LOT of Skyrim spoilers. If you haven’t played the game, 1st) WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?! 2nd) Go play it and then come back to read this… you have been warned.

The Nord felt responsible for what happened to the clan. As soon as he came back to Whiterun, he saw Jorrvaskr, the building of the Companions, with the boat upside down as a ceiling in flames, his brothers and sisters in arms covered in blood from the dead bodies of the Siver Hands that were foolishly enough and try to invade the legendary mead hall, house of the Companions, and the closest thing he knew to a home… If only I had been here to protect them, he thought to himself.

After entering the construction, two of his brothers were crouched on the floor, almost sobbing which might be the closest to crying as nords can get. Only after one of them rose was when the morbid surprise was revealed. The body of Kodlak Whitemane was stretched on the floor, wearing only a tunic to cover his privates. The man the Nord knew as the Counselor, whom was responsible for his acceptance with the Companions and was also the one who convinced him to go on a quest to find a cure for what had troubled this honorable clan for centuries.

And then, alongside Vilkas, a double handed master, the Nord started a new quest to seek revenge and recover a lost artifact, most sacred to The Companions. His destination was set within the cold mountains of the west, the Driftshade Refuge.

After a fast travel through the trail, the party of two decide to slow down their pace. Suddenly, alongside a slope, they saw a big shadow moving in front of them, an Frost Troll. To some adventurers, this beast could represent a challenge. But not for a couple of Companions, filled with rage in their heart and thirst for vengeance in their souls. Not for these two…

The Nord name is Gerrard and he is also know as Dovahkiin for reasons yet unknown. He found himself on the line to be beheaded, but to his dumb luck, he was saved by the appearance of a giant, black dragon. This once to be thought extincted creature attacked the whole village where the execution was to take place and made possible for the nord to escape. Soon as he arrived in Whiterun, a nearby city, he joined The Companions and with everything that was happening in Skyrim, the devoted himself to their quests, their demands.

And these pages are the only thing that’s left from the Journey of a Nord…

“I am a warrior and will die as I lived—in glorious battle!”―The Companions’ proclamation


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