Machinima and Bioshock FTW !

Have your ever watched a movie with great compelling characters and after it finished, you wondered what happened to them before the film took place?! Or what would happen to the character you liked after the movie was over?

Since the time spent playing a video game is, usually, much higher than by watching a movie, and in most games you are free to explore the world where the story takes place, I’ve asked myself the question above quite often after beating a game. In addition, gaming is not constraint by a time limit from two to three hours to completely tell a story and nowadays, it has another “channel” to add contents to a plot, via DLCs (originally called Downloadable Contents).

This feature alone provides an opportunity to tell stories about secondary characters and expand the universe and immersion of the game with additional missions and quests. On a similar analogy, DLC’s are for games as ARG (Alternate Reality Games) are for movies, for example The Dark Knight marketing campaign.

In order to become a creator for their favorite games, passionate people that possess specific skills, such as manipulate 3D modeling decide to develop their own products: videos, mods and fanfics that take place inside the universe of the game of their choice. And since they are more used to the way a story is told in this new media, sometimes a independent web-series based on a game can be even better than a Hollywood movie .

And so the process to create a machinima begins…

According to Machinima’s website, the meaning of the word is as follows: “The word “machinima” is a loose hybrid of the words “machine” and “cinema” and is used to describe the process of creating real-time animation by manipulating a videogame’s engine and assets.”

In it’s youtube channel and iPad app, there are so many awesome attractions (eg: Bite Me, Mortal Kombat Legacy, Dragon Age Redemption, Bright Falls, set in the Alan Wake universe and many others), but on this post I will focus on one, a recent short film about Bioshock.

This game is one of my favorites; the story is original, the ambience of Rapture is familiar but yet has an aura of a dream city over it, the main characters are very well defined, the audio logs contribute on the immersion of this experience and the plot twist blew my mind…

And so, by being a great fan, it tears up my heart to read that Bioshock The movie is on hold and discover that there will take time to see a movie set on this universe. I’ve already briefly discussed the troublesome relation about video games and movies, but this universe is one that I think it would be awesome to see on the big screen and a lot of people would be interested in seeing, the ones who are not gamers, or even gamers that are not familiar with the story for Bioshock.

But there is hope !

Recently, I saw the short film below and it got me thinking about the generation of independent content. Some of the best movies I’ve seen in the past few years were shot with on a low budget and even so, the end result was awesome. How would a independent movie based on a game would be like?!

New Year’s End: A BioShock Short Film


PS: Some of the movies with a low budget I mentioned I saw were: District 9, La Casa Muda, and Attack the Block.


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