Journey of a Nord – Chapter Three

Disclaimer: this story contains A LOT of Skyrim spoilers. If you haven’t played the game, 1st) WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?! 2nd) Go play it and then come back to read this. You have been warned…

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The party of two drew closer to the entrance to Driftshade Refugee, the place where those  responsible for the attack on Whiterun, the assault that killed Kodlake Whitemane, the Harbinger of the Companions hide themselves. The Silver Hand not only murdered the eldest member of the Companions but also stole a fragment of the Wuuthrad, the legendary two handed axe that belonged to Ysgramor, the founder of the Order of the Companions.

The main objective for the quest given to Gerrard and Vilkas might have been to retrieve the sacred relic. But to their rage filled heart it was more than clear that revenge was the primary goal of this journey. And so, both of them were committed to eliminate the enemies, kill all members of The Silver Hand, that were so cowardly hiding.

As soon as The Nord spotted the hideout, a small fortification inlaid in the mountains, he started to sneak around it, recognizing the terrain, identifying the enemies and the weak points of the fort to better plan the line of attack. The fortification was not big, since its purpose was to function as a hideout for The Silver Hand. But still, it had two towers with a couple of archers on top of each one, scouting the surroundings for enemies and a metal gate in front of the fortress that it was guarded by six guards, five humans and an orc, that took turns patrolling the perimeter.

– Why the worry to plan our attack?! Let’s charge at them already ! – Vilkas whispered. Patience was not his strength. Fortunately, his skill with a greatsword did not make patience necessary for him in combat. But this battle would be different. They were greatly outnumbered and had a disadvantage on the terrain, and Gerrard was well aware of these facts.

– Not for a second I doubt your skills in combat, brother. But bear in mind that not even your mighty greatsword and my unerring bow have a chance at ten warriors including one orc if we don’t think about our strategy. Unless you want for us to die here, in vain for our cause and don’t recover the relic of honor to our clan. Remember what Kodlak taught us: to know the abilities of our enemies before fighting them. – Gerrard tried to reason with Vilkas, even though it was also hard for him not to become blind with rage as his brother was.

– You are right. But don’t patronize me on what the Harbinger taught us, brother. I know the teachings, as well as you. – Vilkas replied. – What is your plan?

– As soon the night comes, we strike, together, as I tell you… – The Nord sat down, started sharpening his short sword and telling Vilkas about their course of attack.

“Out of this time also rose one of the most legendary of all Tamrielic figures, Ysgramor, from whom all Nordic kings to this day are descended.” — Unknown


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