Geek And Sundry – Another awesome work by Felicia Day

On April 2nd, the Youtube channel Geek and Sundry was launched. This channel is another enterprise by the (sensational and very talented) Felicia Day and is part of a list of 100 channels with original content sponsored by the YouTube, as posted by the video sharing site.

To acquire new subscribers, on April 1st there was a marathon (called Subscribe-a-thon) for hang-outs in Google Plus from 10 am to 10 pm with several guests and attractions, featuring conversation with David Gaider (creator of Dragon Age) about romance in video games, chat with Greg Kasavin (creator of Bastion) about independent video games, a dance contest with public domain music, among other attractions. For each subscriber in the channel, 10 Cents of a Dollar were donated to a charity, The Best Friends Animal Society.

For more information on the attractions of the Subscribe-a-thon, visit the program schedule hangout and Google Plus for Geek And Sundry

In celebration of the launch of the channel, the producers and Felicia Day launched a music that reaches such epicness that almost could be claimed as a new anthem for geeks and gamers: “I’m the one that’s cool” was launched on April 2nd and stayed in seventh place from the iTunes Store in the Rock category and number one song bought in the Amazon store.

If you have never heard of Felicia Day, her success on the Internet began with a web-comedy series created by her called The Guild, which addresses the behavior of players who play World of Warcraft. Currently, this series is in the fifth season and is on the schedule for the Geek and Sundry Channel.

After a humble beginning with a low budget, The Guild has done a tremendous success, getting sponsorship from Microsoft from the second season and in 2009, Felicia even won an award (Streamy Awards) for Best Actress in a Web Comedy Series.

Felicia also participated alongside Neil Patrick Harris and Nathan Fillion on Dr.Horrible Sing Along Blog, a web-series directed by Joss Whedon (yes, the Avengers director), appeared in the series Eureka! and starred in a web-series called Dragon Age Redemption, set in the Dragon Age universe, which the character played by Felicia on this web-series is presented in a DLC game for Dragon Age II.

[ via Washington Post]


Geek and Sundry

Streamy Awards Winners of 2009

Awesome video right after Felicia Day won the Streamy Awards. This was LEGE… wait for it… DARY !!1!


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