12 years in 12 hours… or less

Officially launched on May 15, Diablo III finally arrived after almost twelve years of waiting. According to Venture Beat, more than two million people bought the game on pre-sales and the game had more than eight thousand launch events held at midnight. According to the same site, due to North American servers went through aperiod of near three hours throughout the day of release, some players were outraged.

Gamers who could not get into the… game, since in Diablo III it is mandatory to be online to play, found a message stating the unavailability of servers and pointing the Error 37.

Due to the huge amount of people who commented about the game, “DiabloIII” was among the trending topics in Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo, as shown on the brazilian portal G1.

Despite all the obstacles encountered, there were reports of people who have already beaten Diablo III, and at impressive times. The player Yoshichan finished Diablo III at 12 hours and 29 minutes. Yoshichan played on Normal Difficult as a Barbarian and reached level 32. He posted a printscreen with his characters stats on NeoGAF, in case you are dubious about this achievement… =)

What is most impressive is that there were reports of two groups that managed to finish the game in less than seven hours. What is perhaps not so impressive is that the groups are of asian players: a korean and a chinese. They also sent printscreens, to prove their awesomeness: Korean groupChinese group.

And since internet people are genious, there were a lot of memes about Diablo III. Below, I present you my favorite ones…

Diablo III meme hamsters

Diablo III servers down for “emergency maintenance” on launch day (updated)

Indiana Jones Diablo III Launch Meme

Asian gamer...

Errablo 3

Good Guy Greg


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