Just one (MORE) reason to why Community is so awesome

If you do not know the series named “Community”, GO WATCH IT NOW AND THANK ME LATER.

Watched it already ?! Cool. Cool. Cool. Cool.

Now, just in case you are not on track with this series, the Third Season Finale of Community aired as three episodes a couple of weeks ago (May 17th) and it was so awesome . And in one of the episodes, our seven favorite characters entered on a video-game quest to help a friend.

And so, the intro for this episode of the series was a 8-bit themed video-game as you can see below…

Unfortunately, if you haven’t heard (or read it) already, the series creator, Dan Harmon will not come back as a show runner on Season 4. As a huge fan of Community and Harmon’s work, I felt really bad to hear that. You can read to what Dan Harmon himself has to say about that on his tumblr account.

I got to know a little more about Dan Harmon, of how much he like video-games, specially RPGs and Skyrim when he participated on a few podcasts by the Nerdist Industries. My favorite Dan Harmon’s podcasts are presented below (and I haven’t even heard all of them). Just click on the banners and you will be taken to the episodes… ah, the wonders of the internet =)

The Indoor Kids 19 – Save Points (with Dan Harmon)

The Indoor Kids 22: The Church of Skyrim 2 (with Dan Harmon)

PS: The featured image of this post was found on this blog, which reviews movies. By the way, his Scoring System is HILARIOUS and worth the visit !!1


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