E3: Could Nintendo’s Wii U change the way we play games?

On the week of June 5 through 7 in Los Angeles, CA it took place the Electronic Entertainment Expo or simply E3 2012.

Before the official beginning of the event, Nintendo decided to do a pre-presentation (no pun intended) for it’s newest gaming console, the Wii U. Mr. Satoru Iwata, Nintendo’s president explained to us a little bit about Nintendo itself, from its motto: Create Something Original through the heritage of the Famicon (or Nintendo Entertainment System) and how the Nintendo Wii transformed the living room of families, as well as gaming in general. From an activity of one person to an environment where all family can play together.

To (almost indecently) sum up the Wii U’s potential, below is an AWESOME and kinda bizarre trailer for the Wii U itself featuring a demo for a zombie game. In case you are wondering, the “complete” name of the game is Wii Zombi U. (awesome right ?! … No?! Ok then, moving on…)

I liked the concept behind the tablet controller itself, to function as a keyboard to post messages or drawings, (since typing a message to a friend with a controller is a torture), interaction within the game you are playing as a scanner or a device to pick locks, etc.

Wii U controller image copied from Slash Gear (click on it to go there)

Another aspect I was really happy about to see on the video was the online interaction made possible by Wii U. Online interaction and even gaming have, since a few generations back, always been the Achilles’ heel of Nintendo. And on this video we got to see not only an interaction with your friends on your console, kind of a mix between the XBox Dashboard and social streams such as Twitter or Facebook, but also a possible app for mobiles, which I thought was pretty cool.

Recenly, Mr. Satoru Iwata told that the Wii U ” will rely on downloadable games and the Nintendo Network to drive profits,” which I think might be a good opportunity to maybe expand the games available, or even independent market-place. If not, at least I assume it will be possible to download all the old classic NES, SNES, N64 games that we so much love…

And since we are talking about video games here, an important point made by the President for Nintendo of America, Mr. Reggie Fills –“My Body is Ready”– Aime stated that the majority of the gaming community is never satisfied (via Forbes).

I think the statement above is relevant when we are discussing E3 and games in general because I read in a lot of blogs that this E3 was awful, one of the worst and so on. I totally disagree with this opinion but I think this topic is for another post… maybe.

My final consideration about the trailer and the Wii U itself?!

PS: Nintendo Direct: Pre E3 presentation about the Wii U on Youtube

PS2: the Featured Image of this post is the desktop image on my cellphone so I thought it was valid to share it with you guys. Here is one in high quality -> NINTENDO TRIFORCE OF AWESOMENESS. You are welcome.

(via WiredJoystiq [1] and Joystiq [2] )


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