Game TV #1 – #Evo2k

The last week I enjoyed my Sunday night watching the #Evo2k finals. I already knew this event but this was my first time watching it and it was AWESOME !!1

Disclaimer: Fighting Games are not my favorite genre and I am not crazy  super hype fan about them. BUT, I always loved Street Fighter (I want to buy SSFIV: Arcade Editon so hard), I really like Mortal Kombat (MK II is my favorite), played Fatal Fury, King Of Fighters and Marvel Super Heroes at the arcades and I’m familiar with Tekken since the second one. (Tekken 3 and Tekken Tag are my choices for this franchise) . 

I already knew EVO Championship Series, mostly because of the video below, featuring the finals for Street Fighter Third Strike back on 2004, between Chun-Li and Ken, where Ken managed to win by parrying all attacks from Chun-Li’s special move.

Not until a few years after the first time I saw this video was that I got to know the name of the players who were fighting each other: Justin Wong as Chun-Li and Daigo “The Beast” Umehara as Ken Masters.

Last year I noticed some people I follow on twitter and some podcasts I listen to were talking about Evo and how were they anxious to watch the stream, all the amazing competitors, how big the event was and so on. Unfortunately, I didn’t get to watch last year stream. But I wanted this year to be different…

The 2012 edition of Evo cointaned the following games: Soul Calibur V, Street Fighter Vs Tekken, Mortal Kombat, King Of Fighters XIII (first time at Evo), Ultimate Marvel Vs Capcom 3 and Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition.

This year, I managed to keep up with the last day of the event (Sunday, July 8th), featuring the finals. I started to watch in the later afternoon and kept watching until the last final, around 2 ~ 3 am. When I “turned on the stream” the finals for Mortal Kombat were on and I only saw a couple of matches. Since I didn’t my hands on the “New” Mortal Kombat game, I wasn’t so hyped about this game. Besides  Mortal Kombat, the other games I did not care too much were Soul Calibur and Street Vs Tekken .

The finals for King of Fighters were absolutely awesome. So awesome that it got to the Trending Topics on Twitter in Mexico and Korea (the final matches were between players from these countries) and there was more than 100.000 people watching the stream. There was a point when I was cheering so loudly that I even screamed the name of the player (Bala) when he won a match. Hopefully it wasn’t late and I was alone at home.

Ultimate Marvel Vs Capcom 3 was another game that I didn’t get to play and by so I felt lost a lot of times, specially since so many things happen at once and it just wasn’t that much interesting to me, even though the final match and the comeback of Filipino Champ were pretty exciting.

When it came to the SSFIV: Arcade Edition, I was hyped to see Daigo playing, but besides that I didn’t know what to expect. “The Beast” was eliminated by GamerBee on the Top 16 and after that, the matches kept on getting better and better until the final where it was amazing: Gamerbee was up against Infiltration (whom already won the Street Fighter Vs Tekken tournament).

For the first “edition” of Game TV, I give you below my favorite videos from Evo 2012. Hope you like them. And I’m pretty hyped for next year and after watching Evo I will most certainly buy a Fighting Game… =D

+ Evo 2012 Best Hype 5 Moments

+ King of Fighters XIII Top 8 Finals FULL (this video is over 2 hours long)

+ Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition: Gamerbee Vs Daigo Umehara

+ Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition Final: Infiltration Vs Gamerbee

PS: In case you are interested, Shoryuken interviewed the winners from EVO2012.

PS1: I recently discovered that Daigo wrote a book about his life (Famitsu interviews Daigo).

PS2: There is a documentary called “King of Chinatown” following the life of Justin Wong.


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