If you consider to be a nerd or geek you deserve to yourself to go to San Diego Comic Con (SDCC) at least once in your life. It is a rite of passage, a pretty great trip and an awesome “Achievement Unlocked” on a Bucket List.

I went to Comic Con back in 2007 when I stayed in San Diego for six months as an exchange student. To my fortune, a fellow brazilian whom I met (and later became an awesome fellow geeky friend) told me about the Con and, even though it was a little more than one week from the event, I managed to buy myself a pass including the Preview Night.

But I digress. I’ll  sum the whole experience from being at a San Diego Comic Con into five words: LEGENDARY FRAKKING EPIC OF AWESOMENESS.

One of (the many) reasons to why the Con is so awesome is that you get the opportunity to enter panels featuring your favorite series, movies… and games! This year an epic event happened on the Marvel Games panel with the guys of High Moon Studio. Just watch the video and drop your jaw by the awesomeness.

Yeah, Deadpool will have a game and it might be the BEST. GAME. EVER. ‘Nuff said.

Boom. That Just Happened. Mic drop.


PS: The Featured Image of this post was the header from coverage of the Con

PS 1: Thanks for Mr. Brian Shea (aka “Mr. Scratch” from Video Game Writers) for this awesome recommendation.

PS 2: Kudos for Mr. Dan Amrich for this video. He should get an award for recording such awesomeness.

PS 3: Mr. Dan wrote a very cool guide for newbies to Deadpool’s comic. It’s definitely worth checking out.

PS 4: This video of G4: Attack of the Show – History of San Diego Comic-Con is very interesting.

PS 5: If you didn’t like the vide above, how about an epic picture of Stan Lee with Spider-Man? The Real Stan Lee on WhoSay

PS 6: The image below.


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