PS3 game I’ll play (someday) – Beyond Two Souls

Back in 2007 I made a choice for my console for this generation when I bought a X-Box 360. But that doesn’t mean I hate (at all) the Playstation 3. As a matter of fact, I have a list of some PS3 games I will play… someday. And this list begins with Beyond: Two Souls.

Before this current generation, I had a PS2 and before that I got a Nintendo 64 (which I still own) and a few years before it, I played a lot of a borrowed PSX and even before that, what I owned it’s not very important for now.

So, choosing the 360 for this current generation was my “betrail” for Sony consoles and for a while I was the only one of my closest friends which had a 360 instead of a PS3, which kinda sucked since I couldn’t borrow games from them or play with them online. But still, today I do not regret choosing the 360,  even though I was a witness for the infamous 3RL on the first model I bought of the XBox 360 (RIP Old Friend).

Since I like video games, no matter the platform in which they are presented, I consider myself to be a platform agnostic and even though I game on a X-Box, there are some exclusive PS3 games that I am really interested in playing and so, hence this series of posts I intend to make.

I first knew about this game when I watched the Sony panel as they presented the trailer below. What got my attention about this game was the fact that Ellen Page is starring on it and that the studio behind was Quantic Dream, known mostly for Heavy Rain and Indigo Prophecy, or Fahrenheit.

Other point that got me hyped about BEYOND is the facial expression of the characters. Having played and finished LA Noire, which one of the high points was the motion capture technology used, I was rather curious when I first saw BEYOND’s trailer, because of the… guard and Mrs. Page’s expressions and how realistic they seemed.

Without further ado,  here is one of the PS3 games I will mostly definitely play… someday. Beyond: Two Souls

Now, if you want to watch some extra scene on this trailer, go to Beyond’s website. From someone who does not even own a Ps3, I tell you: it’s worth it. This extra scene is much awesomer (?) than the video above.

A few time ago, IGN posted a Behind The Scene video about Beyond which was very interesting to watch comparing the capture, Ellen Page acting and moving and the “real” feel of the game.

PS: The Featured Image of this post was found on The Paranoid Gamer and on this post he shows some unseen cut-scene and footage from the game.

PS 2: If you got curious about Quantic Dream’s previous work, check the Metacritic for Indigo Prophecy and Heavy Rain.

PS 3: Quantic Dream’s website is pretty sweet and they published the video below where you get to see some of the motion capture technoloy they use.


5 comentários sobre “PS3 game I’ll play (someday) – Beyond Two Souls

  1. Quantic Dream’s previous game, Heavy Rain, was interesting enough, mostly because of its half-a-noir-movie-half-a-game concept, but it ultimately disappointed me (predictability was its biggest fault). For some reason, however, I have high hopes for Beyond. Forever an optimist.

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