Game TV # 2 – Meet the Indoor Kids (on Youtube)

I have mentioned on a previous post about Community, Dan Harmon and so on, a podcast that I really like called Indoor Kids and so now I’ll talk about the webshow Indoor Kids on the Nerdist Channel and why you should watch it… right after you read this.

“Kumail, Kid Master Chief and Emily are a very happy family”

For those that do not know the Nerdist Industries, it is a conglomerate which unique goal is to conquer the world an awesome website with a lot of content aimed to please your nerdiness with an astonishing diversity and on various formats. It presents a lot (seriously I really mean it. It has a lot) of podcasts, articles and it’s Youtube Channel – Nerdist Channel – has high quality content that reinforces my opinion that nowadays, content on the web >>>>>> content on cable TV, regarding quality and quantity.

I started listening to the Indoor Kids at the first episodes when it was originally hosted by Kumail Nanjiani and Ali Baker. I quickly became fond of how they discuss games, their awesome guests, the “chemistry” between the participants and many other reasons.

After a while, Ms. Baker was “replaced” as a co-host by Emily V. Gordon, Kumail’s wife, and this replacement added an interesting point of view since they, Kumail and Emily, play a lot of games together and it was interesting getting to know another couple gaming habits and why not compare the gaming habits of another couple since myself and my girlfriend also play together,

Since Kumail is a comedian, he has a very good timing at jokes, and Emily’s background as a couples and family therapist expands the discussion within more “human nature” subjects regarding video-games.

The first season of the Indoor Kids You Tube Webshow and features both Kumail and Emily playing a game alongside a guest. And, due to this format, the conversation itself, the gameplay of the game and watch as the two players try to make sense with words are the main reasons to check out this web-show. Below are my favorite episodes. Hope you enjoy it. 😀

Jonah Ray Punches Out the Indoor Kids – Part 1 and 2

James Gunn – writer of Lollipop Chainsaw – slashes zombies with the Indoor Kids

Injustice and Darksiders 2 – The Indoor Kids at San Diego Comic Con



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