PS3 game I’ll play (someday) – Metal Gear Solid 4

On the previous post of this series featuring the upcoming Beyond – Between Two Souls, I explained that even though I game on a XBox, there are some PS3 games that I really want to play. And another one of these games is Metal Gear Solid 4.

My first encounter with the Metal Gear series was when I played Metal Gear Solid (MGS) on the PSX and it is until this day one of my favorite games ever. After all this time I think this game holds up pretty well, disregarding the graphics. After some time since I’ve played Metal Gear Solid, I had a the PlayStation 2 and went through a couple of games that continue the story of the series: (Metal Gear Solid 2 -) Sons of Liberty and (Metal Gear Solid 3 -) Snake Eater.

Even though I still have not played the fourth “chapter” of the Metal Gear  Solid series, my favorite one is MGS 3 – Snake Eater. The immersion on this game is awesome, the characters and bosses are very compelling and original, the camouflage and the survival system were pretty functional and interesting to play with and overall I found the story very good.

Earlier this year a Metal Gear game was announced that at first got my attention.

Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance

Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance poster

Since Sons of Liberty (MGS 2) is my least favorite of the three I’ve played I’ll just put that I hate don’t like very much Raiden as a character, even though he is a godd*mn ninja. Maybe disliking him it’s due to the fact Gray Fox on Metal Gear Solid 1 was pretty (really awesomelly) rad.

That being said, after I found out that was focused on Raiden I sincerely couldn’t care less for this game and I present below four reasons why:

1. Revengeance? Seriously? Does that word even exists?

2. The main character is Raiden. Even though he is a cybernetic “bad-@s$” ninja, it’s still Raiden.

3. The major thing on the gameplay of this title is that you can slice almost anything on the scenario, eg. the constructions, your enemies (duh!) and pretty much everything else. What is this, Fruit Ninja Solid Cooking Mama with Raiden?

4. The main character is Raiden. Even though he is a cybernetic “bad-@s$” ninja, it’s still Raiden.

After going through an emotional roller-coaster that ended on disappointment, I so happen to stumble upon something that really got my attention:

No, what got my attention was not the gif above (even though it’s a very good gif, right?) but the 10 minutes video that debuted on PAX Prime, an event held on September of 2012, that featured Snake back on FOX. There were three things in particular I thought were awesome on the trailer: Snake breaking the fourth wall, the overall graphics and specially the last part of the trailer where I think it was an inside gameplay on the demo.

The quality of the graphics and physics of the trailer were so astounding, thanks to the new Fox Engine that a lot of people thought the game was going to be launched only on the next generation. But accordingly to Kotaku, the “demo was running on a PC at current-gen specs”

Up to this date Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes does not have a launch date. But this is definitely another PS3 game I will play… someday 😀


– The poster for Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance was found on the Giant Bomb page for this game. Check it out!

Kotaku article featuring the Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes “discussion”. If you are a fan of the series, I highly recommend reading this article.

– The featured image for this post was found on the DeviantART of a Mr. Nether 83.


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