[Updated] Video Game Music kicking arses

One of my favorite genre of music is most definitely Video Game Music and a good chunk of my iPod is filled with music from games, from classics such as Top Gear, passing through remixes (OC Remix FTW!) and going to more recent soundtracks as Skyrim.

I recorded a video for my vlog about games featuring the 2012 edition of the Video Games Live which I was fortunate enough to attend to. Within the content for the video, there were a few recent (and some not so recent) news regarding awards for video game soundtracks.

In 2010, the song Baba Yetu, composed by Mr. Christoper Tin for Civilization IV won two Grammys. On this interview for the Wall Street Journal you can find more about Tin’s reaction to the award and more information about his career. I highly recommend you check the video below to listen to the song. You won’t regret it 😉


Now, if independent games are more of your jam, you probably will enjoy the next news, since it’s about Journey. In 2011 this gem of a game for the PlayStation 3 has won a lot of acknowledgement and, of course, the soundtrack was one of it’s high points. Composed by the very talented Mr. Austin Wintory, the soundtrack for Journey made its debut on the Billboard Chart at the position 116. Even though I game on a X-Box, these is a game I will most definitely play, someday. Just the check the Playlist below and you’ll get a glimpse to how awesome this game is.

<Updtated – December 8th>

On December 6th, the nominees for the Grammy Awards were revealed and the Soundtrack for Journey was nominated to the category of  Best Score Soundtrack on Visual Media. This is the very first time that an album composed for video games has earned a Grammy nomination. (via Forbes)

Additionally, the VGA (Video Game Awards) took place on December 7th and Journey was the winner for the following categories: Best Original Score, Best Independent Game and Best PS3 Game. You can check the other winners here.

</Updtated – December 8th>

In case you were overwhelmed by the Soundtrack, you can buy it on iTunes for $ 4.99

Now, let’s say you are a huge fan of PSX classics — “now those were the good ol’days”– you might say, am I right? Well then, if you so happen to be a fan for the Final Fantasy series, you’ll be more than happy to know that the Classic FM radio released a list featuring the 300 greatest classic songs ever and… BIG SURPRISE, Aerith’s Theme composed by the living Legend Nobuo Uematsu had the awesome 16th position. Check the song below to remember (and be very very sad) or to listen to it for the first time (and also be very sad?).

And last but most certainly not least comes a big surprise (at least for me) for 2012, as the Soundtrack for Halo 4 debuts the Billboard Chart at # 50 and is the highest video game soundtrack ever. Go Master Chief! 😀



That Game Company – Journey

> The Featured image for this post was found on a very interesting Joystiq’s article reporting that the National Academy of Recording Arts and Science has altered four of its annual awards to include pieces composed for video games.


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