Review: Wreck-it Ralph

Disclaimer: I know that this movie may already be considered “old” for some people. But unfortunately here in Brazil, Wreck-it Ralph premiered January 4th.

Disclaimer [2]: I am very unhappy that this movie will not be shown here (in Brazil) with the original audio. Just dubbed copies for us, sad brazilians… =/

Synopsis: A video game villain wants to be a hero and prepares to fulfill his dream, but his search brings havoc to all the Arcade where he and other classic game characters live.

The universe in which the story takes place is extremely rich and interesting (it even reminded me of The King of Kong), the environment presented to us through the arcade has an enormous potential for expansion, with so many additional elements that can be explored in future films. I sincerely hope to have a sequel because the potential for new stories is huge!

The majority of visual elements were a touch of genius such as the shape of the residents of PleasentVille and how their movement seemed slower, without much movement, simulating older graphics or a simple dirt to be displayed in pixel art.

The amount of easter-eggs on this movie is really impressive. It’s a reference festival for gamers, and more specifically old gamers at that. I recommend you pay close attention at the scenes in the Game Center to maybe catch all the references the first time you watch Wreck-t Ralph.

One of the reasons that made me interested in this film, beyond the universe of games in this story, was the team of original voices: John C. Reilly As Ralph, Jack McBrayer as Fix-It Felix Jr. (Ralph’s archenemy), Jane Lynch as Sergeant Calhoun and Sarah Silverman as Vanellope von Schweetz.

So when they announced the voice actors for dubbed copies containing just one actor and two major characters were gonna be played by two famous people that do not have a relevant background as actors or even voice-actors, I was “a little” worried.

However, after watching the movie, I have to say that the voice acting is very well adapted, especially the voices played by the two famous persons. Kudos for both of them. The film adaptation to brazilian portuguese  surprised me positively with good jokes that were successful in my native language earning a considerably amount of laughs.

And the message within Wreck-it Ralph is sincere and true and I interpreted as: accept who you are because only then you’ll be truly happy.

PS: The Featured Image for this post was found on Wreck-it Ralph’s Google + page.

PS 2: This review was translated to English and adapted from the original post (in Portuguese) at Game Reporter.


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