Bungie unveils Destiny’s trailer

The first and only Halo game I have played (so far) was Halo 3. But nonetheless, I know the importance and dimension of this franchise not only to both XBox and Xbox 360 but to the gaming industry as whole.

Being so, when Halo’s developer Bungie announced their new project, I became intrigued and to be honest, quite hyped about it. Destiny is Bungie’s first project after the Halo franchise and so, it most likely will not be a game exclusive for a platform. This alone is very interesting since Halo was one of the reason so many gamers were proud to own a XBox.

On top of that, today – February 2oth – Sony will most likely present their new console at a conference in New York City, I can only wonder if Destiny might be spoken of on stage today. One can only hope.

When I visited Bungie’s website in order to learn more about Destiny the following paragraph caught my attention:

A new game isn’t the only thing we’ve been working on at Bungie during our dark phase. We’ve also hand built a brand new website to house the community at the center of this gathering storm. Go ahead and make yourself comfortable – whether this is your first visit, or you’ve been here for years.

If you are one of those people (such as myself) that likes to follow the social media stream of a project you became fond of, I highly recommend you go to this post on Bungie’s blog where they explain their official social media channels.

A detail I found very intriguing about the Destiny’s trailer below is the name of the trailer itself: “Official Destiny ViDoc“. Most likely the full version of this documentary will be contained on a Collector’s Edition or other similar version of the game. And by the quality of the video below, let’s just say I am inclined to buy it if the content will be as epic as it seems.

You can already pre-order Destiny for PlayStation 3 and XBox 360 at the price of US$ 59.99. 


Adam Sessler, the editor for Revision 3 Games made a video sharing his experience when he was at Bungie and his impressions of what he saw of Destiny.


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