Sony announces the PS4

On February 20th Sony made a conference on New York City in which it formally announced the PlayStation 4.

TLDR: Sony did a good job. The lack of demos, gameplay-videos and some extent of things actually working worried me a bit. But the PS4 has a lot of potential and it seems like a solid platform.

I honestly do not remember when was the last time I watched the presentation of a console being announced. This alone is worth mentioning, as it is pretty darn awesome. If you told my teen self that he would watch through the internet a presentation of over 2 hours of the new PlayStation console he would probably laughed at your face and went back to playing Pokémon Yellow. (yup, I was one of those kids that played the Yellow version)

Replay: PlayStation 4 Announcement Live Stream

After  I saw Sony’s conference (video above) my thoughts about the whole conference and the formal announcement of the PlayStation 4 are the following.

The Good:

+ Gaikai

Having Gaikai to grant access to the libraries of systems passed (eg. PS2 and PSX). In my humble opinion this can be a game changer, IF DONE RIGHT. Even though I do not own a PS3 I used to game on a PS2 and on the PSX. Therefore there were a lot of PS3 games I wish to play someday. You can see some of them here.

+ Specifications for the Hardware

My first “Hum, not bad Sony” was when the specifications for the hardware popped on the big screen. At least for me, making clear the specifications of the product you are putting on the market it is basic, there were a lot of cases where this did not happen.


+ Watch_Dogs trailer

This is currently one of the games I’m more hyped about. Being so, it was pretty awesome to watch another trailer with more content. After the trailer my level of hype went over 9.000 !


+ Independent developers

It is almost unanimous that the PS3 is not a very friendly (for lack of a better word) platform to develop for. And  the PS3 got hurt pretty bad regarding support of independent developers and their unique, exquisite, and tasteful titles.

Therefore, I was astonished with the presence of Indie Devs on stage and importance given to them by Sony, mostly because this means that Sony lost a lot of revenue and so it decided to support indie devs is listening . One can only hope amongst the launch titles, there will be an awesome indie game *COUGH* The Witness *COUGH* that it’ll be worthwhile. Ok, that wasn’t subtle. But watch the trailer and you’ll probably agree with me. Second “Hum, not bad Sony”.


+ Knack

This Intelectural Property has a lot of pontential to be one of the best PS4 launch titles. I liked the concept of it and  the gameplay video is very entertaining. Above all, I’m all in for new IPs to be developed. Check the trailer below and see for yourself what exactly is Knack. (btw, OMG that military guy is a totally ripoff of Tony Stark !)

Third “Hum, not bad Sony”

+ Share button

I liked that Sony is thinking about social (media) interaction to a point that it included a button on the controller just for sharing videos and increasing interaction and content creation amongst players. HOWEVER, only time will tell if this will in fact be useful and integrated with other social media services (eg. YouTube) or we will have another 4567898765 channels with gameplay commentaries on PlayStation’s friend network instead.

The Bad:

– Move as a 3D Tool

I am not a 3D modeler but that felt like a very, very bad pitch to increase Move sales.

– Touchpad

Unfortunately, there were no functional DualShock 4 to display the usage of the Touchpad. In my humble opinion, this was a part of Sony’s strategy to get people talking about the console and make them purposely wait for the PAX East, which takes place on March 22nd ~ 24th.

– Time length

Seriously, Sony could have announced all of this in less than a hour.

– Design of the console

I am anxious to guess which appliance of our home this console will look alike… 🙂

– Pricing? Nah, who cares about that, right?

Not as if that’s a big deal, you know.

The Ugly:

Shinji Hashimoto, the brand director for the Final Fantasy series at Square Enix announced that they are “preparing for development” a new Final Fantasy title for the PlayStation 4.

My reaction to this “announcement” was the following:



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