A podcast, a YouTube series and an update on my personal life

<Boring update about my personal life>

For the past few months I have been working as a Freelancer in order to make a career change. I’ve worked as an Information Technology Consultant for four years at “big companies” (as some might call them), but not until a few months ago that I decided to pursue my life long dream to break into the video game industry.

I’ll become a game designer on the future but for the time being I have other academic and financial priorities. After all, I want to finish my graduation on Electrical Engineering before Hell freezes.

If you became interested on my professional skills, check my Linkedin profile. 😉

</Boring update about my personal life>

I consider myself to be a hardcore gamer. Seeing that I do not play games as much as you would think, the main reason I consider myself to be “hardcore is because of my habits. It is not until a few weeks ago that I recently acknowledged that a large chunk of what I consume is related to games in some way, such as:

  • Gaming related T-shirts (that I’m always in the look to buy some more);
  • The last three books I read or am currently reading are: Battlefield 3 – The Russian, Ready Player One and Rules of Play;
  • The most played songs on my iPod are VGM (Video Game Music). By the way, my favorite OC Remix album is DKC2;
  • I much rather watch an YouTube video of one of the gaming related channels I’m a subscriber than to watch “regular” TV. After all, I am a Bro! ;
  • I listen to at least six different podcasts about games on a bi-weekly basis;
  • A lot of my subscriptions on Google Reader (R.I.P. and btw, have you heard of The Old Reader? It’s really cool.) are web-comics related to games, such as Penny Arcade, PvP, Looking For Group, My Roomie the Dark Lord, amongst others;
  • I write about games for two blogs: Game Reporter and Gamer’s High.

So while I was brainstorming about what I would write about , I realized that it is kinda rare for me to talk about my habits, what podcasts I listen to and what YouTube shows I recently discovered. Therefore, I decided to write this post recommending the Giant Bomb Podcast and the YouTube Show “Hey Ash Whatcha Playin’?“.

Giant Bomb Podcast (or simply Bombcast)

I first heard of the Giant Bomb on a now extinct brazilian podcast (about games. Surprised?). It took me some time to familiarize with the format of the Bombcast as well as to distinguish the voices of each participant. But after this, I became  anxious for every Tuesday to arrive and with it, a new episode of the Giant Bombcast. In case you became interested, just click on the image below to discover the wonders of the Giant Bomb extravaganza.

Giant Bombcast


Hey Ash Whatcha Playin’?

I subscribed to this YouTube channel last year, but it wasn’t until recently that I became aware of the awesomeness of HAWP (Hey Ash, Whatcha Playin?). It’s like the HAWP series spoke directly to the dark corners of my mind and by doing so, it commanded me to watch every episode at least twice. Hell, it even got me so addicted that I downloaded an iPad app (the Game Trailers app is not bad btw). A show that gets you to download an app is most definitely worth your time. Click the image below to become another HAWP junkie.

Hey Ash Whatcha Playin?

If you liked Hey Ash, then you’ll be happy to hear that they also have a very entertaining and funny podcast, of which I highly recommend the episode with Team Meat, also known as Edmund McMillen and Tommy Refenes.

PS: I became so addicted to HAWP that it inspired to make a video about LucasArts shutting down. You can watch the video below. Just click on the option to add the English subtitles.


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