Brazilian Indie Game: Mr. Bree +

On the second post of this category I talk about a pig (?), ask for your vote, give you a GIF and an interview with an awesome Game Designer. Yup, this post rocks! 😀

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The brazilian company Taw Studio became known on their awesome games: Mr. Bree Returning Home  and Jelly Escape. And now Taw Studio is about to release an upgraded version of Mr. Bree for PC and Mac. And the best part of this? You can be a part of it and make it happen!

Mr. Bree is a platformer in which you help a pig who lost his memories come back home. And the Plus version will have more levels, boss fights, different modes amongst other updates.

To help Mr. Bree + see the Greenlight of day, all you got do is vote for him on Steam Greenlight. Greenlight is Valve’s system where the community itself helps voting on the next games that will be available on Steam.

Watch Mr. Bree + official trailer below and follow the instructions here to help this great game be part of the Steam library.

I talked with Lucas Jock, Taw Studio’s Game Designer and interviewed him about his work at Taw, Mr. Bree +, tips for beginners and other things. 

Gamer’s High: What’s your name, age and education background?
Lucas Jock: My name is Lucas Jock, I’m 24 years old and I have a Technological degree on Multimedia at Senac and I’m also an I.T. technician.

GH: How long have you been in TawStudio? And what is your position / function?
LJ: I work at TawStudio since its birth in mid-2009. I work in the direction, design, production and level design of games.

GH: Did you work on which games?
LJ: The main games I worked on were “O Desafio do 5S”, “Mr. Bree – Returning Home”, “Jelly Escape” and currently in “Mr. Bree +”.

GH: What were your influences and references to make the game design of these games?
LJ: I’m very influenced by platform games and RPG. And these games are quite inspired on titles that were part of my “training” as a gamer, like Megaman, Castlevania and Super Meat Boy.

GH: How do you feel when you realize that your job is to create games?
LJ: I love it! It really is a very satisfying and pleasurable work to do. I always liked games, but just realized that I wanted to work with games a little before creating the studio. Since then it has been a wonderful and enriching experience!

GH: What is the greatest advice you have for those who want to work with Game Design, or are starting in this area?
LJ: I have two very important tips, based on experience I’ve had with me and other people.

First: Make games! We know trained game designers, with years of study, but they never even come up with a game prototype. This hands-on experience is worth so much ! Whether alone or in a team, try to make a complete game from concept to launch, to become familiar with all stages of development.
The second tip is: To be a game designer, you’ll have to learn to do a bit of everything! Some people think that the Game Designer only thinks about the game and creat documents for a team to develop the game for him. You will have to learn the art, in order to chat and work with artists, learn the basics of programming to work with other developers, help in prototyping, and so on, with all the skills that are within a game: music, production, narrative , animation, etc.. And another very important tip is: Interact with the community of developers! Talk to studios, participate in events, marathons, exchange emails, make friendships. Some of the most amazing people I have ever met in my life was through the development of games.

GH: How is the vote of Mr. Bree + on Greenlight going?
LJ: It’s going well! We still have a long way to go to be approved. But we’ve had a very positive feedback from users, with great reviews and quite enjoyable comments!

GH: What are the improvements you made in this version of Mr. Bree +?
LJ:The whole game was remade. From the art, the codes until the very story itself, which is now more complete, and with a very special outcome, quite different from the original game. All graphics are in HD, we have new scenarios, ten times more traps that add enough variety in the gameplay. We also have 60 levels, the triple of the old game. And Mr. Bre + also has four game modes, which add a great challenge for the most hardcore gamers.

GH: How do you feel being very close to having a game you worked published on Steam?
LJ: There is still a lot of work to get there. But it would be a dream coming true! Since we started to develop games, one of our major goals is to have a game on Steam. And we are fighting day and night for that! =)

GH: What are your Top 3 favorite games?
LJ: It’s hard to limit to three … But the games that changed my life and made part of my childhood were the RPG games from the Chrono and Final Fantasy series, platform games like Megaman and Castlevania. Besides Starcraft 1 and 2, and FPS games, the good old Counter Strike or the latest, Battlefield, Call of Duty, etc.. And my newest love has been Dota 2! =)

Mr.Bree+ GIF


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