[Updated] Machinima announces the nominees for 2012 Inside Gaming Awards

One of the attractions of the Machinima “network” is the channel called Inside Gaming Daily which as its name suggests focuses on (almost) daily content featuring news about the video game industry. And last week, precisely on November 20, the nominees were revealed to Inside Gaming Awards 2012 n its 16 categories. Check out the nominees below and […]

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PAC-MAN: The (fan-made) movie and Zelda: The Musical

A few weeks ago, I stumbled upon a couple of awesome videos that caught my attention: a short film on PAC-MAN and an animation of a Legend of Zelda musical. PAC-MAN: short film In a world similar to ours, a (not so secret) military project  located in the complex named Labyrinth (Maze Compound) brings attention of the local media due to the […]

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Machinima and Bioshock FTW !

Have your ever watched a movie with great compelling characters and after it finished, you wondered what happened to them before the film took place?! Or what would happen to the character you liked after the movie was over? Since the time spent playing a video game is, usually, much higher than by watching a […]

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That awkward / awesome (?) moment when the game enters the TV

You are a tremendous fanboy / girl of a video-game. A fan so H-U-G-E that you will buy anything that comes out with the name of this game. But then, a wild announcement appears: “they” are shooting a movie about this game… At first you think (foolishly trying to believe on this lie): “Nah, this series […]

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