David Cage – Beyond: Two Souls

Essa matéria foi originalmente publicada na PlayTV em 10/10/13 http://www.playtv.com.br/games/artigo/entrevista/entrevistamos-o-produtor-de-beyondtwo-souls Nessa quinta (10), participamos de uma conference call com David Cage, fundador e CEO da Quantic Dream, empresa responsável por Indigo Prophecy, Heavy Rain e mais recentemente de Beyond: Two Souls. Quando solicitado para se apresentar, ele responde. Meu nome é David Cage, eu sou […]

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Bungie unveils Destiny’s trailer

The first and only Halo game I have played (so far) was Halo 3. But nonetheless, I know the importance and dimension of this franchise not only to both XBox and Xbox 360 but to the gaming industry as whole. Being so, when Halo’s developer Bungie announced their new project, I became intrigued and to […]

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PS3 game I’ll play (someday) – Metal Gear Solid 4

On the previous post of this series featuring the upcoming Beyond – Between Two Souls, I explained that even though I game on a XBox, there are some PS3 games that I really want to play. And another one of these games is Metal Gear Solid 4. My first encounter with the Metal Gear series […]

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PS3 game I’ll play (someday) – Beyond Two Souls

Back in 2007 I made a choice for my console for this generation when I bought a X-Box 360. But that doesn’t mean I hate (at all) the Playstation 3. As a matter of fact, I have a list of some PS3 games I will play… someday. And this list begins with Beyond: Two Souls. Before […]

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