Sony announces the PS4

On February 20th Sony made a conference on New York City in which it formally announced the PlayStation 4. TLDR: Sony did a good job. The lack of demos, gameplay-videos and some extent of things actually working worried me a bit. But the PS4 has a lot of potential and it seems like a solid platform. I […]

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Bungie unveils Destiny’s trailer

The first and only Halo game I have played (so far) was Halo 3. But nonetheless, I know the importance and dimension of this franchise not only to both XBox and Xbox 360 but to the gaming industry as whole. Being so, when Halo’s developer Bungie announced their new project, I became intrigued and to […]

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Disney Infinity combines Disney and Pixar characters in awesomeness

January 15, 2013 in Los Angeles, Disney announced its new venture in the gaming market and it is called Disney Infinity. This release, a “Toy Box” is a platform composed of a plastic base with space for three pieces: two characters and a third one where players must place the scenario where they will interact. […]

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