PAC-MAN: The (fan-made) movie and Zelda: The Musical

A few weeks ago, I stumbled upon a couple of awesome videos that caught my attention: a short film on PAC-MAN and an animation of a Legend of Zelda musical. PAC-MAN: short film In a world similar to ours, a (not so secret) military project  located in the complex named Labyrinth (Maze Compound) brings attention of the local media due to the […]

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Geek And Sundry – Another awesome work by Felicia Day

On April 2nd, the Youtube channel Geek and Sundry was launched. This channel is another enterprise by the (sensational and very talented) Felicia Day and is part of a list of 100 channels with original content sponsored by the YouTube, as posted by the video sharing site. To acquire new subscribers, on April 1st there was a marathon (called Subscribe-a-thon) for hang-outs in Google Plus from 10 am to 10 pm with several guests and attractions, featuring conversation with David Gaider (creator of Dragon Age) about romance in video games, chat […]

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